Friday, March 13, 2009


Well I'm trying to catch up. I guess the one thing that struck me most in the first 12 chapters is the utter chaos, disorder, and lack of rootedness of the characters in the world they inhabit up to this point.

One can view all daily events as chance and fate and full of turmoil or conversely one can view all daily events as guided by a Providential Hand and in some sense orderly, or ordered, even if still shrouded in mystery and yet unclear.

The lack of control over the extraordinary events that are taking place to the characters is something I can identify with. I am curious how much more chaotic things will get, or if in the end we will see a prevailing order, and rest, for our poor chap Crane.

I also enjoy the liberal references to Scotch and smoking. Laphroiag anyone?


Mike & Mary said...

Yes, it seems extremely random. I do find (now on page 260) and he seems to set up a lot of bowling pins, but I think he is going to knock them all down, or least most of them.

He set up a few too many for me to follow and grasp, but this is definitely a mind stretching book. It is a motion picture it would take a while because you would have to set up all these different plots and subplots. I have to say that the excitement is beginning to build, though, and I feel like if I can sustain the next 50 pages, things will begin really happening.

It is great difficult for me psychologically that Leon is inhabiting different bodies. You think he is the 4 pin, you knock him down, but he is in the other bowling lane. My wife was just talking to me about bowling, hence the inspiration.

Feeling better John?

abigail said...

Thanks for the offer, but if I want to drink peat smoke, I'll just go to Scotland. At least I'll see a castle or two in the bargain.

I like that my first appearance on the book blog makes no reference to the book. (I love the book! I will post soon!)