Friday, March 6, 2009

With a jolt.

Mark wrote,

Chapter 1 really begins the book with a jolt. You realize first hand that mixed emotions and intentions are being thought of, but you really don’t know what yet.
It is interesting to see how everyone reacts to what Leon tries to do to Scott. His mother is horrified by whatever Leon is trying to do her son, and from what she says in the book, Leon has already done it their other son. Scotty, on the other hand, is a bit confused by all that is going on, and is in a state of shock when the card is embedded in is right eye. We have no idea what, or how the brother reacts to it.
I look forward to talking about the chapters to come and seeing what plan Leon, Scotty, the mother, and the brother fit in to.
Thanks for the recommendation Mr. Owens.


trawlerman said...

Such a great first chapter.

It's pretty divisive at the same time, sorting out readers who have approached the book.

If the first chapter doesn't suck you in, then you're a goner. You're in 'til the end.

If the first chapter finds you moaning and groaning about weirdness and things not making sense, then it's probably time to move onto something else. Then again, most of these type of reader wouldn't be anywhere near the SF section of the bookstore, so I'm not sure how they got their hands on Last Call.

sarah said...

It seems to me that poor Scotty is just soaking in the attention from his dad. The first chapter did win me over- mostly because of that poor kid.