Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Picture Perusals

Without giving away stuff at the end, I'd like to say just some overriding perspective things about the book. To me, these things definitely demonstrate a Christian worldview with redemption.

1. The fact that both Crane and Diana were basically rescued from dumpsters (figuratively) as little children. Ozzie obviously is a gambler, but when it comes to the central issues of life, he acts as a Christian man. The outcasts of society eventually become "players". What these outcasts need is good guidance. Ozzie gives it.

2. The obvious picture created by Arky’s "phase change" idea combined with the climax of the book being Good Friday and Easter. Water (lake) and baptism. Death and resurrection.

3. The pursuit of a “fountain of youth” (Ponce De LEON) by inhabiting other people's bodies shows the utter corruption in futility of the search for eternal life down here through new age guru techniques.

What saith the rest of you?


trawlerman said...

Alright, I'll finally bite.

1. Ozzie is a gambler, but he performs with knowledge and for a purpose, not out of a compulsion to win or lose or, even worse, to have some fun. As much as my gaming tastes may be against what I'm about to say, Poker is a much better metaphor for life than something like Chess is. And gambling is something we all do every day. It's a huge risk getting out of bed every day.

2. Yeah.

3. I think that it's clear that evil methods actually can accomplish a "good effect," but the evil always rob the user of any joy that would normally accompany such an accomplishment.

Matt and I were talking about the next book pick, for May, maybe being something by Robert Louis Stevenson. Then, maybe in June, we can pick up the next Powers book.

Mike & Mary said...

That is a very interesting point! Chess is so logical and mathematical that it is almost like the philosophers in their ivory towers playing and manipulating an idealistic "world" which is not as messy as the real world is. Whereas, poker is messy and you really do have a lot to loose and you can be dealt a bad hand or a good one, just like life. That's really KEEN!

Stevenson would be fine with me.