Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shake the world.

Alright, by today, everyone should be at least starting Book 3, which starts with Chapter 28. Things have gotten pretty dark in the book and the tension keeps building. But, right now, I'm not going to write about Last Call. I need to take the measure of this virtual book club.

A few questions:

1) Does anyone really need three more weeks to finish Last Call? I have to confess that I read ahead and have finished it. Once you get to Book 3, it's hard to not want the release that a conclusion brings. I couldn't not keep reading. Also, with apologies to those who feel that they can't find enough time to read, I have to suggest, in general, that we need to read faster to keep up the momentum here.

2) Should this makeshift book club continue? I vote that it does. I guess all I really need is one other person to agree that it should continue and it will. If no one cares to continue, I'll try to accept defeat as gracefully as I can.

3) How should we choose books in the future? I don't want to be a dictator here. We could have each member nominate a book, then have everyone vote on what we should read, with the added condition that you can't vote for your own nominee. The proposed book with the most votes would be the book that we read. Or we could just do the simple and maybe best way of letting someone different be the dictator for the month. One person chooses the book for the month and everyone else reads that book. No argument. Then, the person who chose the book is the primary one responsible for guiding 'conversation' on the blog, but everyone is supposed to contribute.

I guess that's it for now.


Mike & Mary said...

1. I still need about one more week but I'm almost there and I would really appreciate a good bit of discussion once we've gotten to the conclusion. I realize that some of my questions are answered later in the book, but there are still many things I don't understand.

2. Count me in. I would like to continue this series and also consider other books.

3. I could be dictator on a book which I knew well. Before you accept any kind of defeat, let's see how the participation is once we have all finished the book and can discuss it freely.


sarah said...

I don't need more time...I haven't been keeping up with the board as I should- I even had a dream that you and Abigail gave a report card on my participation and I FAILED.

I laughed after I woke up.

I like your dictatorship. I love to be told what to read. And I love being part of this, even though I feel like a FAILURE.

Mike & Mary said...

Well, I like John's style too, and I hope you stay in Sarah!

I finished! Very satisfying ending! The last 200 pages were cliffhangers!

I'm looking forward to beginning to discuss it all.


Stephen said...

LAST CALL is to resurrection as GRAN TORINO is to redemption. No?